What is OneStop?

OneStop is a first stop for Systems Engineers, mostly presales, when they need to understand Sun’s products, technologies, and programs. Sun is chock full of resources, web sites, wikis, blogs, databases – but in most cases the information is in inconsistent locations, formats, and state of currency. Understanding a product/technology/program, determining current contacts, finding the appropriate collateral, training, etc. requires a research project that can take hours or days. Search is one of the resources available, but generally will not provide all, or even most, of what a user needs to know. See Searching the Workplace Web for a description of why search on intranets is so difficult.

The real secret sauce behind OneStop is the OneStop Authors. This is a volunteer community of over 300 people that each own one or more OneStop pages. Each OneStop page correlates to a product, technology, or program. Note that each OneStop author has a day job, so ensuring that the OneStop pages stay current and accurate, and the authors motivated, is part of what we will try and describe in this blog.