Crossing the Services Chasm

Sun has a large and vibrant services organization, but historically the communications channel between Services and the Systems Engineering Organization has been somewhat limited. SEs tend to think in terms of products and technologies first, and services second.

It is of course good for Sun, and good for customers, if services are included along with a product or solution sale. Unless the sale is driven by a Professional Services engagement, services attach tends to happen at the end of the process.

So how does this fit with OneStop? Most SEs utilize OneStop to get help gathering information about a product, technology, or solution – and find the links to the appropriate sales tools, communities, etc. As Sun’s roots are as a product company, that’s how people think, and that is where people start the investigative process. It’s not terribly clear to people where to find information about services, for a given product or solution.

As it turns out there is an excellent, but now well known, internal site that maps services to products. Our Eureka moment is that via a web service we are now able to dynamically populate a Services section of each OneStop with the services for that product.

Now, hopefully, the sales teams will be thinking about services earlier in the cycle, as the information will available with no friction.