The Value of Moderation

Good news! SunSpace is a raging success. Thus far 20,000 users have logged into the system. It is full of a variety of content, great, good, bad, irrelevant – and in a myriad of formats!

OneStop is now part of SunSpace. Users find this very confusing. Is OneStop dead? Has OneStop been subsumed by SunSpace? I’m hoping that referring to OneStop as “OneStop on SunSpace” might help clarify.

The success of SunSpace has amplified the need for (Sun internal users)to have an easy way¬† to find information on Sun products. If you search for Identity on SunSpace you’ll find references in several dozen spaces. As we had hoped, we are seeing communities form around technologies, often based in geographical areas, many organizationally based.

Where should a user go to find information on Sun’s Identity products, perhaps OpenSSO? What if you don’t know the name of the product itself?

The answer is “OneStop on SunSpace”. Here you will find a list of menus on the homepage that are convenient for browsing, particularly useful if you don’t know the exact name of the product. You’ll be directed to a OneStop page that contains the information you are looking for, which is in a consistent and familiar format. The page has an author (or moderator) so you can count on the fact that it is reasonably up to date. The OneStop team continues to work behind the scenes to help ensure content completeness and currency.

We’re finding that useful search on SunSpace is challenging, just by virtue of the myriad of references to product and technologies in the different spaces. The implementation we are currently playing with segregates the results that link to pages in the OneStop space and displays them at the top of the results list. Google of course uses page rank to help determine relevance. SunSpace computes Information Equity per URL based on ratings, downloads, edits, etc. We’ll be enabling search users to search for keywords, then sort those results by Information Equity.

Moving forward, perhaps we should simply create new tags that will imply that a SunSpace page is moderated and in a consistent format. Search could read those tags, then group the results accordingly. With the judicious use of tags we could also generate a useful browse mechanism so that the menus would not be necessary.

At any rate, the need for page ownership (moderation), and overall OneStop ownership (to help ensure content breadth, currency, and accuracy) continues to exist.