OneStop is not dead!

I’ve been hearing that people think OneStop is dead! This is not the case. OneStop is simply better and runs on a more modern platform. I try and describe what OneStop is in the blog posting What is Onestop – next ?. In short, users can continue to go OneStop and find a set of pages that are:

  1. owned and moderated.
  2. adhere (loosely) to the OneStop format. The familiar categories are in the same order.
  3. are up to date and accurate, or at least there is framework (people and tools) in place that tries to ensure this.
  4. are there. In other words the breadth of OneStop space is complete and controlled. Products , Technologies, and Programs of interest to Sun CEs (Customer Facing Engineers) will be there.
  5. are easy to find and navigate. It’s a limited universe (~500) pages so we can make the menus, search, and a-z work well.

However, OneStop pages are now Wiki pages that support commenting and voting. There is also a WYSIWYG editor (albeit not a great one) that makes simple edits an order of magnitude easier.

SunSpace now has 200 communities and the number is growing rapidly. We’re seeing a significant need for communities to have a OneStop page for “non community” members. No content redundancy is required thanks to macros like {include} and {simplelisting}.

We will take action very soon to ensure that a page looks like a OneStop page at a glance. Currently all SunSpace pages have a similar look.