What is Onestop – next ?

Great news! We are now liveĀ  with 5 OneStop pages on CE 2.0. Anyone on the SWAN can now, optionally edit a page, in place, using a WYSIWYG editor. We’ve maintained our model of the author owning a page, with the new ability to control access.

We envision 3 general categories on CE 2.0:

  1. OneStop pages. These pages will live in the OneStop space, and each will have a primary author. The fact that it is branded a OneStop page means several things. The page:
    1. has an owner and is a moderated.
    2. adheres (loosely) to the OneStop format. The familiar categories are in the same order.
    3. is up to date and accurate, or at least there is framework (people and tools) in place that tries to ensure this.
    4. is there. In other words the breadth of OneStop space is complete and controlled. Products , Technologies, and Programs of interest to Sun CEs (Customer Facing Engineers) will be there.
  2. CEpedia. This space will be very similar to the existing CEpedia, as anything goes. It is not controlled. Users can create or update any page in the CEpedia space, in any format, at their leisure.
  3. Communities. The community area is really the thrust behind CE2.0. CE 2.0 communities have been described as a mashup — Facebook meets LinkedIn with a content-management system thrown in for good measure. Historically email has been a primary communication vehicle inside Sun, so we offer the option to build a community, with membership and access control based on an email alias.

We’re hoping for interesting synergy between OneStop and communities. A user might go to the OneStop space to find information on a product. While they are there they might notice there is a community built around that particular product or project, and actively engage in a discussion or forum. Finding the expert will turn into a non issue. We can do things like dynamically populate sections of a OneStop page based on how documents or pages are tagged in a particular forum.

Now, what do we call this new beast that we’ve been referring to as CE 2.0? (CE 2.0 has been our project name.) Onestop or Onestop2 doesn’t seem to work as the OneStop brand implies all the stuff listed in section 1, but not social – web 2.0 community as we know it today. Users are tired of the new brand, or tool of the day. Maybe we should just stick with CE 2.0.