OneStop Kicks Butt in User Survey!

The results are in! If you are on the Sun Network check them out.

We got 776 responses, an incredible number. Users feel very strongly about OneStop. We asked the question “How would you feel if we pulled the plug on OneStop?. (We don’t plan to do this, but the question elicits great comments.) The results were:

I’d be totally irate! 538
I’d get by 153
Don’t care 11
It’s about time 10

A typical comment was “That would treble my workload and response time”.

We contrasted OneStop to other sites the SEs generally use and found that people almost always look to OneStop first, and give very high ratings (4.3/5) when asked “How useful is OneStop to doing your job? (1 low -> 5 high)“.

A primary motivator for the survey, aside from understanding utility, is getting a feel for user priorities. Are social networking features important? Should we accelerate our move to an enterprise wiki?

Our users were very clear in expressing that the top priority, by far, is accurate, complete, and up to date content. They like the fact that content is easy to find on Onestop, and that the site is simple and consistent.

My conclusion is that moving forward with CE 2.0 we need to not break what’s working. We need to be careful about adding complexity. Social networking features that enable community are cool, and will hopefully help us deliver even better content, but not at the expense of expedient access to information.

My feeling is that the majority of the users are not planning on being direct contributers, so we need to make sure we optimize that path. The browse experience needs to be robust, search needs to work, response time needs to be fast. Information should be no more than 3 clicks away.

Make sure you watch this space (follow on posts) for a discussion on how we hope to leverage Community Equity to help raise the bar on content quality.

OneStop 2 Conundrum

We are planning on moving OneStop on to a new Confluence based platform, called OneStop2, by the end of our fiscal year. (June 30.) The Confluence platform is being extended with many new features including:

  • Contribution Equity, measured from contributing and rating content.
  • Robust, integrated document repository
  • Tagging Services
  • Expanded XML feeds (ATOM, RSS)

The Confluence platform (an enterprise wiki) is exciting in it’s own right and will provide us functionality to move OneStop into the world of Web 2.0. The integrated features I am most excited about are WYSIWYG, access control, and a commenting service. This will enable a OneStop page to be easily updated (via WYSIWYG) by¬† either anyone, or people specified on an access control list. Our model of primary page ownership (or perhaps moderation) will continue.

The conundrum is the mapping of OneStop pages into Confluence. Confluence supports the notion of spaces. Each space has a home page and child pages.

Should each OneStop page be a space, or should OneStop pages all exist in a OneStop space? Unfortunately Confluence doesn’t support the notion of space hierarchy, so for example, we can’t set up a hierarchy on the order of OneStop -> HPC -> ClusterTools.

We also intend to move CEpedia on to this new platform. Should there be one CEpedia space, or several?

Currently the 5 most accessed OneStop pages are

  1. Sun Secure Global Desktop Enterprise Edition
  2. Sun Fire T2000 Server
  3. Sun Ray appliances
  4. Sun Fire X4100/X4200
  5. Solaris 10

I don’t think many of these should be spaces in their own right, but perhaps should be children in other spaces. If you have thoughts on this, please comment.