Moving Forward With Confluence

This is not yet a done deal as we still have small things like licensing () and more functionality testing still to work through, but as Maverick says in Top Gun, “Things are looking good so far”.

We asked the OneStop authors to play with our Confluence test instance, read about the functionality, and provide us feedback. The response was uniformly positive, a first with this vocal group of 300!

Kemer Thomson, the guy who runs the Sun Blueprints program had some excellent feedback worth sharing:

Confluence seems to address not only the challenges in creating wiki content, but makes it a pleasure and opens new possibilities. I have played around with great success. Everything seems to work. I ran into no problems … nothing crashed. Cool features, like creating an RSS and adding tags worked intuitively.  I could recreate my entire OneStop content quickly and without any concessions to the content and structure. Indeed, the ability to add plugins and control access to pages opens up many possibilities.

I find it truly compelling that we can combine an almost seamless transition with features and functionality that will enable solutions we haven’t even considered yet.

I can’t wait to see what our smart motivated group of authors will do with this truly enabling platform.